Yngve Holen


28.04.2023 – 24.06.2023

Galerie Neu is pleased to present 5G, the artists’ third exhibition with the gallery.

In a series of works in which the starting point is the expansive roll-out of next generationcomputing infrastructure, and its material excess, Holen has directed his attention to 5G’sreal life presence as visible in the larger societal body. From his new studio practice in Ensjø,Oslo, a hub of small- and large scale industrial- residential development, the extensive andexpanding rooftop scaffolding of technology is (intrusively) omnipresent. Powering boxed uphome-office life, while concealing larger themes, “5G”, disguising as consumer technology, alsoserve as proxy for its futurist usage, be it digital warfare or emergent economies. Amassingnumbers in the many tens-of-thousands, these often randomly metal scrambles permeate thecityscape, just look up.

On the flip side of promising tropes such as seamless connectivity and speed – in working onthe material side of 5G, Holen’s panorama of antennae sculptures elaborate on their real lifecounterpart, base structure and mass metal abundance.